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 Deng Xiaoping Visits the US

Tired of being shadowed by his entourage at all times, Deng Xiaoping decides to go for a walk on his own.

This alarms his translators and bodyguards who fear that he will get into trouble since he does not speak any English.

However, realizing that they cannot change his mind, they decide to at least prepare him in case he gets stopped by the police.

“If you get stopped”, they coached him, “they'll first ask for your surname and then they'll ask for your given name. Just tell them and everything will be fine”.

So Mr. Deng goes out and enjoys himself. A policeman recognizes him. Having heard that Mr. Deng prides himself in his knowledge of American history, he decides to start a conversation with an appropriate subject.

Policeman:  “Who was the first president of the U.S.?”

  Mr. Deng: “Wo xing Deng”           (我姓鄧 = My surname is Deng)

Policeman:  “Yes, Washington. And what are you doing in the U.S?”

  Mr. Deng: “Xiaoping”                    (小平)

Policeman:  “Ah, shopping. Very good. Have nice day!”



 Note: This joke is usually told in Chinese and requires the listener to understand both English and Chinese. www.yellowbridge.com/humor/dengxiaoping.php