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道 德 經
Dào    Dé    Jīng



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00     大一生水 Tàiyī Shēngshǔi


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Movie: Lao Zi, Tao Te Ching  World Science Festival  老子说 Laozi Speaks 庄子说 Zhuangzi Speaks



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道 德 經 Dào  Dé  Jīng - The Spiritual Light of Mankind

The Unbearable Lightness of Memory

Laozi and Quantum Physics

Introduction on Teachings of Dao De Jing

Science, Religion, and the Big Bang

The Tao of Physics

Laozi and the Dao De Jing

The Origins of the Universe

Confucius & Lao Tzu

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Opening Dao... A documentary film on Taoism & martial arts

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Infinity: The Science of Endless

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Conundrum of Consciousness 

The Tao of Pooh

Alan Watts - The Tao of Philosophy

What is Tao? - Alan Watts

  "Being, Nothing, and Beyond… Nothing has more in itself than nothingness – by the mere potentiality of becoming being and non-being again and again - this timeless basic swing between two sides of the same creative aspect of the unfathomable transcendent Dào." - h.a.

  „Sein, Nichts und darüber hinaus... Nichts hat mehr in sich als das Nichts - durch die bloße Potenz, Sein wieder und wieder Nicht-Sein zu werden - dieses zeitlose, grundlegende Schwingen zwischen zwei Seiten derselben kreativen Aspekts des unergründlichen transzendenten Dao." - h.a.

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